Saturday, May 4, 2019

It has not rained for five minutes....and counting....

Live moves quickly in the spring.

Mrs ERJ and I spent yesterday spectating at one of Belladonna's athletic events.

Rest assured, gentle readers, that no implements were injured during the contest.

Belladonna did well for her division but still wishes she had thrown farther.

Today we go out to Mom and Dad's cottage and clean it up. One of the grandkids is "managing" the effort. He gave me the task of sealing the deck and replacing the wood on the benches.

So far his generation is doing a great job managing the effort.

I need three days of "dry" before I can till the garden. I am easily a week behind in getting potatoes into the ground.

I need a 24 hour window of no rain before I can spray herbicide.

I can spread fertilizer even if it is raining.

The truck is still in the shop. They put the truck on the hoist to raise it and look for the blown brake line. As the hoist went up, half of the rear end stayed on the ground. Broken leaf springs.

Sad news
Cricket died. Cricket was fifteen.

Cricket was my brother's dog. My brother has three daughters in their early twenties and they grew up with Cricket.

The family is mourning. They buried his remains out at Salamander's farm last night.

I send Belladonna and 'the girls' daily Good Morning Girls! emails. I steal images from the internet that I find uplifting, cheerful or thought provoking and forward them to the girls. Hopefully, this post will help me to remember to avoid puppy pictures for a week.

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  1. Condolences to your nieces on their loss of their pet. That is so hard.

    Hubbie tilled the garden and then we have had all this rain, so it will be at least 4 days with no rain before we can plant anything. Anyplace you step outside off concrete squishes...sigh.