Wednesday, May 15, 2019

Phrenology report GDD b50

Peak Liberty (apple) and European pear bloom.

Corn in the ground.

First flush of asparagus.

Niece and Sister-in-law found 40 morel mushrooms.

Lost my weed sprayer.


  1. The leaves are ~just~ starting to appear on my apple trees. Zone 4A. Rhubarb is looking strong and the raspberries starting leafing out yesterday.

    1. Zone 4A, where the men are men and scrawny women leave for Florida in October.

      My hat is off to you. That is like Eau Claire, Wisconsin.

      What apples are you growing?

      USDA Zones only tell part of the story. How many frost free days do you expect?

  2. 75-100 frost free days, theoretically. I'm literally at the base of MacDonald pass on Montana. We had 4 inches of snow about 10 days ago. All I know so far about my apples, pears and cherries is that the neighbors all tell that they're very good. I'll have to try to identify them as things ripen this year. Just bought the place late last fall. Rhubarb is looking great! And there's a good 100 or so raspberry plants.

  3. We cut our first asparagus 9 days ago - delicious! The rhubarb is good as well, should have picked it a couple of days earlier actually.

  4. Grin - you guys are making me jealous - at least about your gardens.