Tuesday, December 26, 2017

Winter clothing

Southern Belle stylin' in some winter duds shortly before the couple went on a walk.

Handsome Hombre and Southern Belle are up for the holidays.  They live in Miami...South Miami.

Handsome Hombre had never seen snow.  On Christmas we had white-out conditions, 15 degree temps and gusts to 40 mph.  We also had about 6 inches on the ground if you could find a place where it had not blown clear or drifted.  It is -1 F as I type.  Not the worst weather the mid-West offers but weather that demands that you take it seriously.

Handsome Hombre is a good looking guy.  He cares about his appearance.  The ladies took him clothes shopping back around Thanksgiving.  To him, "Coats" were articles of apparel designed to make chests and shoulders look deeper and wider and to make waists look slimmer.  Coats open in the front to display bling.  Coming from the climate of Miami, the primary consideration of clothing after they covered up your private parts was "How does it make you look more attractive?"

Mrs ERJ said it was almost comical.  They had to LEAD him to the winter coats, pick them off the rack and hand it to him.  He had been bringing back knit, turtleneck, long sleeved shirts thinking they were winter coats.

In retrospect his dissonance was identical to what would happen if I went to Walmart and somebody had accidentally put a rack of Walmart work vests on display.  I would dismiss them and they would become invisible.

Well...alrighty.  Handsome Hombre is starting to figure out why he is the proud owner of a loose fitting, quilted winter coat with a hood and why he owns multiple bulky sweaters, mittens, snow boots....  And he figured out how to wear them all one atop the other.

Gratuitous picture of Belladonna and her winter sweater.

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