Wednesday, December 20, 2017

An Edspedition to Grand Rapids

One of my coffee drinking buddies was "up north" with his wife when she had a stroke.  Names will not be used in this post for all of the usual privacy reasons.

They were staying at a family member's house on Saturday night.  After a game of cards Wifey turned in.  Five minutes later Queenie, the dog, went full-on Lassie barking like a dervish at the bedroom door.  My guess is that Wifey was making scratchy sounds on the door as she tried to regain her feet.

Wifey was on the floor, wedged between the door and the bed.  The door opened into the bedroom.  The buddy and home-owner were able to open the door about six inches.  Quick use of a screwdriver and claw hammer  popped the hinge pins.

Wifey was transported to Cadillac, Michigan.  A few tests were administered and an ischemic stroke was diagnosed.  They dosed her with Draino-for-the-Braino and stuffed her in an ambulance bound for Grand Rapids.

The family reached out to the guys at coffee.  By Wednesday they were running on fumes with regards to sleep.  They needed somebody to make a mid-day trip to Grand Rapids to ensure that Hubby had somebody to talk to and to make sure that he had a bite to eat.

I was one of the two guys elected to perform the task.

We swept onto the fourth floor of Butterworth Hospital like conquering heroes.  We had schooners of coffee, bags of Hubby's favorite fast food and most importantly, a huge box of chocolate for the nurses' station.

The prognosis for Wifey is pretty good.  She tried to introduce us to her speech therapist.  She called me Mr Apple.  She started to call the other fellow Mr As_h_l_ but was quick enough mentally, to stop half way...ok, maybe it was a little more than halfway but she did catch herself.

And that is why you don't have much of a blog post today.

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