Sunday, December 31, 2017

Stories in the snow

The hourglass track through the center of the frame are pheasant.  They drag their tails.

Somebody decided to leave in a  hurry.  No feathers, so it was not a Cooper Hawk strike.
Sumac berries on the snow.

Birds were feeding on them.
A railroad tie being used as a fence post
Rodent "shoddy" at the base of the post.
I don't know if the interloper wanted the mouse or the house. 
Birds were working the weeds over for seeds.  Most of these weeds were amaranth.
Something in that hole smelled good!

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  1. Pheasants!!! Wow. I haven't seen or heard a pheasant around here in a coon's age. Turkeys on the other hand have established themselves as the dominant bird species around our feeder. They can really put away the black sunflower seed.


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