Monday, December 18, 2017

Package stealing

Scum bag
Package theft continues to rise as more people shop on-line.

Karma can be engineered.  A low cost "odorant" involves a gallon of milk with a loose or missing cap.  The leaking milk soaks the padding beneath the carpet of the miscreant's vehicle and start to produce odor days later as the bacteria feast on the protein and lactose. 

Skatole is a higher tech odorant.  The name comes from a combination of "Scat" (polite, Latin for "poop") and Indole a fragrant chemical.  It is soluble in alcohol.

A gallon jug filled with oil from your last oil change is also a possibility.  The addition of a small amount of paint thinner will help it penetrate the cardboard box in a more timely manner.

In smaller packages non-deodorized fish oil can be very effective especially if the thief  tosses it into the back of the vehicle and the oil leaks out above the exhaust pipe.

This is an exercise of "thinking inside the box".

I hate thieves.


  1. Yep, matter of fact, I've got a quart of milk that is 'going'... And I have a stray box... :-D

  2. Have you seen this package theft stopper?
    Pretty clever IMHO.


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