Tuesday, December 26, 2017


Handsome Hombre's technique improved as the evening progressed.

 These three girls were amazing.  They were trying to hit a chunk of ice halfway down the hill.

 Yeah, this is where I hung out!

These are truck inner tubes encased in tough, synthetic covers.  They are a smooth and fast ride.  Burchfield Park has about sixty of them.  They can be rented for $2 for two hours...and by then you are ready for some hot chocolate or adult beverage.
They leave the lights on until 8 in the evening.  They don't kick anybody out.  They just turn out the lights.  Picnic tables and benches for those of us who are more interested in socializing than sledding.
The fading light of evening.  The hill is comfortably boisterous at 150 sledders but it starts to get a bit congested at 200. 

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