Friday, December 8, 2017

Ring Tones

Kubota snuck into the house today when I was not looking.

I had reason to converse with him so I called his cell phone.

I heard a "rabbit-in-distress" ring-tone go off in his bedroom.

I was filled with warm and tender thoughts.  "Hey, he is getting ready to go hunting  coyotes with me!" is what I thought.  "How smart!  We can put his phone at the end of a long finger of cover or the end of a brushy fencerow, hang a chicken wing to twirl in the breeze and position ourselves cross-wind...then I can call the phone.  The coyotes should come running!."

Coyotes are territorial and are death on other, smaller predators like cats and fox.  It is not so much that they eat them, although they will, it is that coyotes are intelligent enough to recognize that the fox and feral cats compete for the same prey that coyotes hunt.  That competition makes it harder for the coyotes to survive.  The moguls of the 1880s have nothing on coyotes for creating monopolies.

I believe that coyotes respond to rabbit-in-distress cries not so much to eat the rabbit but to home-in and kill the competition.  They will come to a R-I-D call even when they are full.

Full of bonhomie I congratulated Kubota on his cleverness.

He was baffled.

His ringtone was not a R-I-D cry.  It was a newborn baby cry.  He commented that he picked that ringtone because the only times I called him was to complain about things.  That is, I was a cry-baby.

That dampened my spirit...for a bit. Then I realized that I can probably talk one of my brothers into putting an R-I-D or Cry-Baby ringtone on his smart phone and WE can go coyote hunting.  To heck with Kubota!


  1. ERJ - just read your contribution to the book CalExit, The Anthology. Good work, I enjoyed it.

    1. Thank-you, sir or ma'am!

      It was fun to write. What you read was better than the story I submit. Mr Curtis and the editor tightened it up and made it a much better story.

      I was impressed by the all of the stories but I think my favorite was the one by Lawdog. The man has STYLE.

      Again, thanks for reading and thanks for commenting.

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