Tuesday, December 5, 2017

Generous employers

I showed up at my employer's door at 6:30 yesterday morning to car pool to Grand Rapids.

Things proceeded as expected until exactly two miles from his house when the transmission in his van started slipping.  I think he must have blown a transmission oil cooler line because he barely had enough time to pull off the road.

Quite by coincidence he was able to park the van in the back parking lot of the dealership that had sold him the vehicle.  The good news is that we were not on the freeway in the middle of Grand Rapids.

After a very short business meeting I found myself running back to his home to pick up Old Red, my 1995 Chevy S-10.  It was a very fast run as I had a 30 mile per hour tail wind.

After transferring the cargo from his van to Old Red we continued our drive to Grand Rapids.

Fifteen minutes into the drive my boss said, "You haven't thanked me, yet."

Slightly confused I asked, "For what?"

"Not many employers allow their employees to exercise while 'on-the-clock'" he responded.

He knows that I started running again so it was actually kind of funny.  I guess I was getting paid to take a two mile run 'on-the-clock'.

What I did not tell him is that I walked up the hill at the south end of Gidner Road.  There are some things he just does not need to know.

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