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Index of Small Business Reports

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East Lansing Farmer's Market: Part I  October 15, 2017

Cash Skimming  October 11, 2017 

Retail Lighting 101: Part I  October 14, 2017

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"...everybody knows it is impossible to change culture...NOT!"   September 18, 2017


Small Business Reports

Most recent reports are on top.

Foodie Wagon  (Food, retail, control of fixed costs) October 12, 2015

Coffee Jam (Retail, Coffee shop, niche business, appeals to women) August 11, 2015

Business Insurance (Insurance, small business insurance) July 30, 2015

Lemonade Stand (Ephemeral business, model for low cost of entry)

The Hen House (Retail, crafts) June 11, 2015

Merchandizing  (General) May 21, 2015
   Merchandizing Part II  (General) May 27, 2015

Hastay's Greenhouse and Flower Shop  (Retail) May 6, 2015

Charlotte Shoe and Leather Repair  (Retail, Service)  April 22, 2015

Risk Minimization Strategies for Businesses (Theoretical.  NOT a business report)  April 10, 2015
   40,000 ft fly-over discussing the roles of attorneys, accountants and insurance professionals in starting a business.

Taylor-Made Auctions (Auctioneer) April 8, 2015

City Consignment (Thrift, resale) April 1, 2015
  Liquidation Venues April 3

Healthy & Fit Magazine  (Publishing) Mar 19, 2015
  Healthy & Fit Magazine:  Collaborators and scarcity  (Loose-firm management via collaborators and why hard-copy has more "value" than on-line content)

The Movie Market (Retail, movie and game rental)  Mar 12, 015

Pocket Change Coin Shop (Retail, Specialty) Mar 4, 2015
    Reasons why some types of businesses should not sell on the Internet Mar 7, 2015

Hulinek's Lighting Service (Building supplies) Feb 26, 2015

Condottiero Vocational Case Management (Professional Services)  Feb 19, 2015
       Work Hardening  (editorial)

Bach Steel (Construction) Feb 11, 2015
        Maximizing durability of MIG welded joints  (editorial)

Jean's Tot Spot  (Daycare) Feb 5, 2015
         Barriers to entry and natural monopolies  (editorial)

Total Masonry Maintenance (Construction) Jan 29, 2015
         Construction Trades   (editorial)

Athletico (Physical rehabilitation) Jan 22, 2015

Missouri Face Cord  (Retail) Jan 19, 2015
      I learned something about Craigslist  (editorial)

Mergener's Printing and Office Supply (Retail & Service)  Jan 15, 2015

Pettit's Hardware  (Retail)  Jan 8, 2015

Claude (Gourmet food broker)  Aug 28, 2014

Droscha Family Dairy  (Farming) Oct 29, 2013

Family Shooters Corral (Services and Retail)  Nov 7, 2013


Other Business Essays

Improving productivity, Theory of Constraints (editorial, productivity) Feb 22, 2015
Twenty cycles per minute  (case study, productivity) Feb 20, 2015

Deducing causes of variation (editorial, quality)  Sept 24

Deregulating local government   and   Perry Township, Michigan  (editorial,  business friendly governmental unit)  Sept 20, 2014 

BFH Hammers  (humor)

Pearl Theory of Management (humor) 

Self Segregation and Statistics (editorial, black market)  May 20, 2014

Designing Error Tolerant Systems (editorial, agriculture...summary broadly applicable) May 6, 2014

Agri-cation  (editorial, agriculture) April 14, 2015

Simple Systems: Real World Example  (editorial,  NY Housing Administration)   Feb 16, 2014

The Pernicious Effect of "Maintenance" Costs  (editorial)  Jan 25, 2014

The Cost Spiral  (editorial)  Dec 14, 2013

Eaton Rapids Healthworks (Gym) Dec 11, 2013
      Eaton Rapids Healthworks Motivational Posters (editorial)
      More ERHW Motivational Posters  (editorial)

Robust Processes  (Quality)  August 27, 2013



Limits of Central Planning  (first of three)

Limits to Negotiation (first of five)

Heinrich's Law of Safety (first of three, includes Bridgestone's Law essay)

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