Friday, February 13, 2015

Karma pays compound interest

One of the advantages of being retired is that set-backs are far less likely to knock me off the rails.

Yesterday was not my best day.

The first bump came from the furnace man.  He checked out the behemoth in the basement and found several things that needed replacement.  Nothing major, just a couple of ignitors and a forcing cone.  By the time all the time and labor is rolled up it will be a couple of hundred dollars.

I must have poked the back of my right hand while cutting Black Locust brush a few days earlier.  It was swollen and becoming tender.  Mrs ERJ whisked me to the Urgent Care where the "doc" noodled around with a sharp pointy instrument and excavated a little bit of Black Locust thorn no bigger than a speck of pepper.

She also put me on cephalexin for a few days.

Don't be surprised if you see a shift in adjectives skewed towards the "a"s and "e"s and light on the "i"s, "o"s and "u"s over the next couple of days.

Smokeless powder

While reloading the 9mm ammo over the last few days and watching how slowly the level in the powder hopper dropped, I realized I have plenty of powder to weather any reasonable drought. 

One of the guys in the neighborhood supplements his income by reloading.  You can call him up and ask for 5, 10, 50 or 10,000 rounds of most common (and several uncommon) rounds and he can probably help you out.  Reloading is one of the things he does to put food on his table.

The drought in reloading components hit him hard and right now smokeless powder is the most difficult thing to find.

I took him a couple of jugs of powder that were sitting in my locker getting old.  The deal is that he will use as much as he wants and will replace the jugs with "new" when the market relaxes and they can be found at a reasonable price.  I think of it as inventory rotation that has the additional benefit of helping a neighbor. As an investment in Karma..

And some good things happened

Several good things happened yesterday.  I got three boxes in the mail.  One held three hundred Speer Gold Dot bullets from Wideners Reloading.  The other was addressed to Rev. Joe (?) and held a new chronograph.  Methinks my brother fixed me up for the one he shot.  It looks like I will get a chance to tune in the load for my brother's Glock 19 to hit that 1050-to-1100fps window.  Expect further reports.

The third box held scion wood for a blight resistant hazelnut with the fetching name of NY 398.

Charles Hugh Smith observed that security is not having thirty guns, it is having thirty friends with guns watching your back.  I see "honor" as an investment in Karma.  The furnace is forty years old and a $200 bite is way better than $3000 for a new one.  My hand is infected but we caught it early.

Karma pays compound interest and is decoupled from the dollar economy.  What is not to like?

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