Friday, February 6, 2015

Yes, I am a drug dealer

That would be Oxytocin, not Oxycontin.  Image from Wikipedia

One of the remarkable differences between dogs and wolves is their burning need for human interactions.  Specifically, they need to be petted.  Can anybody doubt that dogs are addicted to the Oxytocin rush released by cuddling?

Zeus in nominally Kubota's dog.  Kubota is a busy young man and I am an old, retired guy.  I have become Zeus's "main man" for his Oxytocin fix.  Good luck trying to type on the laptop in the morning.  His nose goes under it and it flips off onto the floor. "Pet me.  Pet me.  PET ME!!"  Drink coffee at your own risk.

Drug addiction: Never a pretty sight.

Another thought

I wonder if anybody has every considered using the filling found in Little Debbies as an embalming fluid.  It has the shelf life of Egyptian royalty and a flesh-like luminescence. 

Then people would not be perjuring themselves when they eulogized the deceased as a sweet, old man (or woman). 

I wonder if it is too late for me to write that into my will?

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