Monday, February 9, 2015

China executes corrupt billionaire

This news out of The Telegraph (UK):

A Chinese billionaire famed for his love of casinos, cigars and luxury cars was executed on Monday in one of the most dramatic episodes yet in president Xi Jinping's war on corruption.
Liu Han, a 49-year-old mining tycoon once worth at least £4.2 billion, was one of five alleged mafia kingpins to receive the death penalty after being convicted of offences including gun-running and murder.
...Liu was "a ruthless underworld kingpin" and one of his gangs had been found in possession of three grenades, 20 guns, 677 bullets, 2,163 shotgun cartridges and more than 100 knives. 
I am not admitting to anything, but a fellow ought to have at least 500 bullets for each gun.  By my reckoning, Liu's henchman was about  7500 bullets short of an minimum load-out.  That guy would be considered a panty-waist in Texas.

Knives?  Knives are good.

Grenades?  Grenades are messy and not very precise.  A desire for grenades indicates an incompetent hatter compensating for a lack of fitting with a surfeit of glue. 

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