Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Prototype stripper for single stage reloading press

I was talking with my friend Dino on the phone this morning.  I was describing the project I was working on, even as we spoke.  "No good."  he said.  "I cannot picture it in my head.  Put some pictures and a video on your blog for me."

Dino, this one is for you.

A shell stripper for  single stage reloading press.

The stripper proved impossible to photograph due to being buried.  Stripper is thin black strip to the left and below the thick, white line.  Stripper attached to small 2X4 block to allow easy adjustment/removal.
Looking over the top.  End of stripper is bent into a shepherd's crook so it can ride over shell holder.

Source of the spring steel.  I knocked the teeth off.  The bends at the top were made by  heating up the strip and bending.  The highest stresses will be at the bottom and that was left as-is for heat treatment.
The vertical portion from the top of the mounting block to the bend is about 4.5 inches

The horizontal is approximately 2.5 inches.  Strip looks funny because it is smeared with grease.  The stripper ejects with varying velocity.  The faster you bring the ram down, the more aggressively it pops them out.

A five second video of the stripper in action.  This turned out way better than my typical first prototype.  Now, I will see how long it lasts.

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