Thursday, August 15, 2013

Today was a Mowing day

I mowed today.

I got a little bit of help.  You cannot see it, but the fellow behind this mask really is smiling.
It is very bad practice to mow in sandals.  I won't let that happen again.  He is a big boy and that mower looks like a toy when he is pushing it.
I took in a load of scrap metal.  Four bike frames, four weed whackers, three fans.

I started clearing the area for the asparagus plot.  I can take or leave asparagus but Mrs ERJ really looks forward to asparagus.  To her, it is the essence of early summer.  I can grow that pernicious weed if it makes her happy.
This is what the future asparagus plot looks like today.  Illinois Everbearing Mulberry on left, apricot trees on right.  Posts are for mounting sprinklers.
One of my goals has been to remove an obstruction each time I mow.  I started to tear into our original sand box when I saw these.
A boatload of persimmon seedlings
Those must have been from seeds mailed to me by Jerry Lehman from two years ago.  I will deal with the sandbox after the seedlings harden off and I can move them.

The only other notable item is that I installed a rainbird sprinkler in the new garden.  I am concerned that the seeds might dry out due to the sandy nature of the soil.  It is very clear that I will need four stations to cover the entire garden.  My habit is to mount the sprinklers up high to clear any tall plants and to get a little better coverage.   I will need some kind of booster pump if I try to drive all four sprinklers at once with one feed hose.

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