Thursday, August 22, 2013

Grand Haven (pictures added)

We made our last summer trip to Lake Michigan yesterday.

I took a couple of 14 year old boys.  They talked me into going to Grand Haven instead of Duck Lake.

It took about 15 seconds, boots on the ground, to figure out why they wanted to go to Grand Haven.


Dozens, nay hundreds of girls.  Maybe even THOUSANDS of girls.  Swarming, buzzing, twittering, chirping girls.

All those little black dots;  girls.
Sand.  Sun.  Breeze.  Waves. 69 degree water.  Volleyball nets.  A pier to jump off of.  A "destination" for High School Women's swim teams.

All girls are pretty, but those girls are for the 14 year olds to ogle.  My clinical judgement is that most of them have yet to graduate from High School.  Still, they are quite the sight for this old country boy to see.  Kind of like those trees in Mexico where the Monarch Butterflies spend the winter.  The load up those trees so heavily that the branches break.  It does not seem natural. 

The two guys I am watching are in the water.

We hit a pawn shop and the proprietor recommended Arturo's Mexican restaurant.  We were well advised.

I also peeked into to the back-up power generation station for Grand Haven.  Big diesels, big exhaust pipes.

The obligatory art gallery

Maybe the monarch butterflies break the tree branches because they are bigger than I remembered.
A working girl.  USCG.

That is a mighty big boom arm.  I am curious what they pick up with it.

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  1. re: The boat. What do they lift with that boom arm? Anything they want to.


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