Monday, August 12, 2013


The weatherman delivered.
Half an inch of rain is a wonderful thing if you just planted seeds.
Mrs ERJ asked if spinach might be a decent cover crop component.  I never had much luck with it as a spring crop.

I did a bit of noodling around and decided it was worth a bet.  Amazon had bulk seed for a smooth leaf variety named Viroflay (Monstrueux De Viroflay) for a very attractive price.  I like smooth leaved greens because they wash well.

Picture from here
The following blurb is from another website:
"This "monster" spinach is the new must-have for your vegetable garden. Its huge, deep green, tender, tasty leaves are a spinach lover's gourmet delight! Give it a bit more room in your plot: the plant can get up to 24" wide and 18" tall with 10" long leaves that are up to 8" wide. With this much spinach from one plant, you'll be sure to have an ample crop! Use the thinned out seedlings fresh in salads. Extremely vigorous, and particularly good for fall plantings"

I ordered a pound and will sprinkle it in after it comes. 

Other than that, it has been an inactive day.  I woke to the sounds of a kid throwing up.  Four more episodes followed.

Movies (edited to add that 14 year old son is watching a Halle Berry movie marathon), soda pop, laundry (but no line drying) all know the drill.

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