Monday, August 12, 2013

Must see movies

Guest post by Dynomite-K:
This past week, my associate, Dynomite-K was a volunteer Information Ambassador for the Traverse City Film Festival  (TCFF).  He also got to see a few great documentaries that you should see.  Inequality for All, featuring Robert Reich, Dirty Wars (by -- and featuring -- Jeremy Scahill) and Propaganda by Slavko Martinov.  If you see all three, you will see some interconnections.  I look forward to reading the Dirty Wars book that Jeremy published.

I believe that these are socially important movies and pertinent to our current economic disorders that benefit the few and harm the many.  Dynomite-K personally spoke with journalist Jeremy Scahill, former Sec'y of Labor Robert Reich, and "film" makers Slavko Martinov and Jake Kornbluth, last week.  The filmmakers are not seeking to make monetary profits from these works, but want to get their messages widely distributed and discussed.  Of course, Scahill's and Reich's book publishers would like us to buy -- or at least read -- their books, so look for their books at your local libraries, or at online distributors.

Dirty Wars will be widely available on DVD and via Netflix as of October 15, 2013

Propaganda is currently viewable at

I am not certain about Slavko Martinov's plans for distribution of Propaganda.  The Traverse City Film Festival was the only venue in the U.S. that has allowed him to show it.  The U.S. State Department tried to block Slavko's entry into the U.S. to attend the Traverse City Film Festival.

Inequality for All will be widely released in a few months. You can get more information from:

US publicity inquiries: Liza Fefferman -

Domestic festival screening requests: Christina Zisa -

International festival screening requests: Sanam Madjedi -

Social action, outreach and special screening requests: Stephanie Bleyer or Wendy Cohen - /

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