Monday, August 19, 2013

Little Red Camera

---Lens error---

Oh crap!

Lens stuck half way in.  Telescoping portion cockeyed.  That happened during the smelting of the Mortgage Bundling blog.

Darn.  Just darn.

It is "only" a $100 Nikon Coolpix but it fits my needs very well.  It is small enough to go just about everywhere.  It uses AA batteries which are the most common battery size on this planet and also the least expensive rechargable option.  It's auto focus function is fairly robust and so is the image stabilization.  And at $100 I will not have to commit Hari-Kari if it falls into the Grand River while kayaking.

But I sure don't want to spend anymore money until I sell a few Golden Bars on eBay.

A little bit of Google-fu and I found a camera shop 15 miles from home.  A quick call on the phone and a gentleman named Woodie said he would be happy to look at it.

Woodie turned out to be a very animated and personable young man. 

"Pretty much toast, dude.  $180 bench fee for a $100 camera does not make sense."

Double dang!

He said, "There is one more thing I can try:  It is a combination of CPR and Chiropractic manipulations.  I cannot make any promises."

"Go for it.  It is already broken." I said.

And he fixed it!

I asked him how much I could pay him.  He would not accept any payment because he had no parts, 20 seconds of labor and could not give any kind of guarantee. 

So I asked if I could mention him on my blog....and he said yes.

So a big LINK to




He even performs gymnastics when drivers choose to leave the track.  (Video link pending)

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