Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Walking the Walk

In an earlier blog post I railed on about the lack of fitness seen at Walmart and the Secretary of State office.

In that post I proposed a 12 mile walk as a reasonable, minimum standard for physical fitness.

Talk is cheap.

The plan is for me to drive myself to Springport, Michigan early tomorrow morning and park in a church parking lot.  Then I will walk home.  Mapquest.com says it is a bit over 14 miles.  The majority of the trip will be on Royston Road, a paved, two-lane road that runs straight North/South....until you bake in the up/down changes.

I will carry a small daypack because I cannot fit enough in my running fanny pack.  I plan on carrying the amount of liquid that I would normally consume if running that far, that is, a half-liter every 3 miles.  That will add up to about four pounds.  Add a couple of PB&J sandwiches, a couple of 4 oz applesauce snackpacks and it should be a walk-in-the-park.

It will give me a chance to use my "new" blogging camera, a used Fujifilm Finepix AX330 that cost $30 at Dicker-and-Deal.  It is a simple little camera.  It is a bit of a pain that the lowest resolution native to the camera is 2MP.

Weather is forecast to be 67 degrees F, partly cloudy, 10 mph breeze out of the west.  This will definitely NOT be the Bataan Death March.

I will report out when I have more to write.  Expect lots of pictures.


  1. Enjoy the walk, and watch out for the idjit drivers!!!

  2. Nothing like a nice stroll in the country. As long as you don't have to carry a rifle, a basic load of ammo, extra belts of ammo for the pig, extra socks and boots, two canteens of water... oh, hell, enjoy your walk.

  3. Nor was I shot at and I did not have to look out for IED.

    I also thought a bit about all of the men, women and children who walked the Oregon Trail. They had smooth leather soled boots. They were either walking through dried clay ruts or were slogging through gumbo. They had to average 15 miles every day or risk getting snowed in (think Donner Pass). After logging their fifteen miles they had to find forage for the animals which was often more than 5 miles off the trail, pitch camp. In the morning they had to break camp, hump the five miles back to the trail and do it all over again.

    If I really wanted to ruin my walk I would have carried a golf club.

    Thanks for reading and thanks for commenting.