Saturday, January 12, 2019

TSA gropers not paid. No planes fell from the sky.

The two most hated arms of the Federal Government are the IRS and the TSA.

TSA gropers employees have been staging a blue-flu strike and backing up air travel. Travelers are howling and airlines are weeping.

Do you remember traveling before 9/11/2001? For sixty years nobody flew airliners into buildings and except for the occasional tourist demanding a vacation in Cuba there were almost no hijackings.

Then, in the post 9/11 TSA was born. I think it was by anal delivery.


That is a serious question.


  1. Ok, so the old way was to ask brilliant questions like...has anyone asked you to bring something onto the plane today? Are you here to blow things up ? At check-in counter. New way is to grope everyone. Should be some middle ground. Some countries ( like Israel) go further. They also stereotype. Like maybe search the adult with a winter coat on in Summer and let the 90 yr old woman and the 4 yr old child through. I would be for that as well. Not fair to give extra search to people from Iraq? Tough !

  2. "DO WE REALLY NEED TSA?" The answer, as I learned in MCRD San Diego is...Not only no, but f*&^ no. NONBFN.

    Now onto the bigger question- do we really need any of the *non-essential* government employees that are in the news every hour of the day? NONBFN.

    What about the unconstitutional federal department of education that the contract with America was going to abolish back in the nineties? NONBFN.

    It is past time to sh*t-can these unnecessary and unlawful agencies, and help the workers therein to become value adding components of the economy. As opposed to tax-feeders. PEACE.

  3. One of the problems with the TSA is that they have a focus on getting a bigger fiefdom. When air security fell under the FAA, they balanced it well with their mandate to facilitate air commerce - the TSA doesn't care if anybody actually flies anywhere.
    Oh, and 9/11 was the first time someone SUCCESSFULLY flew an airplane into a building - it has been tried before but failed. The most notable attempt was the Fed Ex attempted hijacking in 1994 where a disgruntled employee tried to take over a plane and fly it into FedEx's Memphis hub.


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