Tuesday, January 8, 2019

Aging feminist discovers secret to tiny waist

I recently went to an event where I reconnected with many of my cousins.

Mrs ERJ was not able to attend and avidly asked for details of how they are all doing.

I mentioned the wife of one of my cousins. We had not seen this cousin or his wife for ten years. At that time she was notoriously "big-boned."

I was able to share that my cousin's wife's waist was now incredibly small.

Mrs ERJ was amazed. She asked if it was due to diet or a rigorous exercise program.

"Nope." I replied. "It was probably because she wasn't wearing a brassiere."

Mrs ERJ gave me a quizzical look.

Defending myself I asked, "The waist is the region between the top of her panties and her bust, right?"

Mrs ERJ nodded in agreement.

Then I said, "Vertical distance, not diameter."


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