Friday, January 4, 2019

As sweet as candy

How does the old saying go? "A few wrinkles makes the juice so much sweeter?" Something like that.

A persimmon hanging on the tree, partially dried out. As sweet as candy!

Keeping dad warm at night

Not dad's duct cover. This is one I pried out of our floor for illustration. You are looking at the bottom of the cover.

Today was a mom-and-dad day. Dad shared with me that his bedroom was cold.

Investigating I found the louvers on the duct cover closed. I suspect the small rug itched its way west and spun the thumb-wheel that actuates the vanes. The thumb-wheel opens and closes the vanes with virtually no effort.

Racking my brains for something to wedge the vanes open the best I could do was a clothes pin. It actually performed better than I hoped. The bottom of the clothes pin, after reinstalling in the duct opening, impinges on the sides of the duct and is pretty aggressive at keeping the vanes open.

Victory against a technical problem is oh, so sweet!

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