Tuesday, January 1, 2019

Sorting brass

I was sorting range pick-up brass last night. The brass that is out-of-spec too long is in the bag on the left. The brass that is in-spec and short is in the bag on the right.

It was running 1/3 too long to 2/3 OK. The SAAMI speck for .223 Rem is 1.750"-to-1.760". The longest piece I remember finding was 1.773" and the shortest was 1.736"

The amount of labor that goes into prepping pick-up brass makes this deal from Graf's look attractive.


  1. Brass prep...ugh. If one's time is limited, the Graf's offer would be tempting. I'm retired, so brass prep it is...ugh.

  2. .mil brass, unless it has the primer pocket reamed/swaged out, is no bargain.
    Timewise vs cost the margin just isn't there. I'd purchased way too much 'processed' brass that still needed the pocket crimp removed. Hand swaging is easy, using the 4 in 1 tool you use to do necks, just be prepared to cramp. Frequently. A dedicated swager is pricy, (I have the Dillon after many years of hand doing it on an RCBS 'station') but the cost is justified after a few hundred thousand rounds doing it the 'other' ways. The press mounted ones suck ass, and I wouldn't give one to a friend.
    If you have nothing but time, have at it. Time doesn't cost you a penny.

    1. My perception was that these had never been loaded. That is, never had a primer and never had the pocket crimped.

      "...a few hundred thousand rounds..." Sir: I am in awe of you. No sarcasm at all.


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