Wednesday, January 30, 2019

Baby, its cold out there!

I have been out in -40F and -50F windchill.

99% of getting by in that kind of weather is in having enough, and the right kind of clothing.

A few items I like:

Bomber hats are more wind resistant than the usual knit stocking cap.

Wearing both mittens and gloves means that you have optimum warmth while retaining the ability to pull off your mittens and not expose your flesh to the elements. That is a BIG deal if you you must grip items made of iron.

The parka was discounted because the factory had sewn in the zipper backwards so it was a "girl's" parka.

I also like scarves and 1/4 zip fleeces. I tuck the long end of the scarf so it backs up the zipper of the parka.

I favor quilt-lined bibbs. They give you far more flexibility than one-piece monkey suits. Bibbs are also easier to go to  "the can" in than monkey suits.

One budget-minded outdoorsman I know likes to wear two pairs of flannel PJ bottoms beneath his oversized jeans. It works for him.

Boots are whatever best suits you.

The other one percent?
Keep moving and get out of the wind.

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