Friday, January 4, 2019


I don't take any particular pleasure in watching women fight.

Oh, it can be a spectacle. I remember watching a middle school basketball player grab an opponent by her pony-tail and dragging her around the court. She yanked right. She yanked left. She threw pony-tail girl around like a custodian throws a mop.

How-some-ever, there is an epic cat-fight brewing in the House of Representatives: Nancy Pelosi vs. Occasional-Cortex.

I expect the first few rounds to go to old, devious and crafty. What Occasional-Cortex doesn't comprehend that when it comes to hair pulling, old-crafty has a tear-away jersey. Just sayin'.

But in the long run the new blood will out-last the geriatric witch.

I take no joy in the ascending Socialists. But I might just pop up some popcorn and wring what pleasure I can from watching the two wannabe Queen Bees square off against each other.

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