Tuesday, March 8, 2016

Scion wood and cuttings

Flooded pasture.

This is a great week to cut scion wood for grafting.  Winter's back is broken.  The twigs will be fully hydrated and still dormant.

Mrs ERJ and I are in negotiation regarding refrigerator space.

Black walnuts (Emma Kay and Sparrow)

Mulberry (Illinois Everbearing)  I think I have shot more raccoons out of Illinois Everbearing Mulberries than out of all other types of trees combined.

Apples (Liberty, Novaspy, Keepsake, Gold Rush).  Not the pizza box strategically positioned on the south side of the trunk to fend off sunscald.  Gold Rush's patent expired in 2015 so it may now be legally propagated.

Black Currants
Miscellaneous oak, chestnuts and persimmons.

Did I mention it was wet out there?  Water running down cow paths in the pasture.  Zeus in forground.

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