Friday, March 4, 2016

B. Craig Cossey

Titled "Unlocked"

A gentleman walked into the restaurant where I drink coffee in the morning.  He sat down by himself and started eating his breakfast.  He seemed to have half an ear pointed in our direction as the regulars went about our usual morning banter.  I invited him over to our table.  I was interested in new blood.  I had heard everybody else's stories at least once before.

He was reticent but when he spoke it was with very polished and clear diction.  He had the voice of a kindly headmaster or professor of classical English Lit.

He lives a block east of Downtown Eaton Rapids and is a carpenter by trade, a painter by passion.

I bullied him into giving me his card.  I figured I might be able to patch together a blog entry featuring some of his paintings.

My expectations were pretty low.  Anybody can slap paint onto a flat surface.  I am astounded at his "eye" and technical ability.  These images are reproduced with his permission. Many more images at his website.

Titled "The Blue Years"

Titled "In Training"
Titled "North Door, 2015"
Titled "Up"
Titled "Down"
Titled "Willie"

From his website:

Craig's giclee, signed and numbered prints are now available for 2016! 
He oversees all sales personally, to insure accurate print quality, size and shipping.

Contact him by email if interested at craigcossey1 (you know what goes here)

A giclee print costs .30 cents per square inch.

So a 12" x 12" print = 144 sq inches
144 x .30 = $43.20 cost of print.

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