Friday, March 4, 2016

Bragging about my daughter

I picked up Belladonna at Grand Valley State University today.  It is the start of spring break.  She was in a very fine mood.

As reported earlier, she has fallen in with a bunch of students who are working hard to stay physically fit and to stay healthy.  Like all communities, the group dynamics cause a wide range of personalities to express themselves.  Belladonna is a freshman and has been working out how she fits into that community.

Today they were bench pressing free weights.  One thing you need to know about free weights is that the lifter must not only lift the weight, they must control the weight.  Many athletes who think they are hot poop on a paper plate after lifting on "machines" have been humiliated on free weights.  Free weights not only challenge the gross motor muscles, they challenge the myriad of "stabilizer' muscles.

Belladonna "PRed" (Personal Record) what she can bench press today.  If you tortured me I would tell you that she bench pressed 235 pounds of free weights.  That is the combined weight of Donald Trump and a large Brittany Spaniel.  Belladonna informed me that 235 pounds is a little bit more than the average 18 year old woman can bench press.  I am taking her word on that.

Mother Hen

Our family doctor, The Old Curmudgeon, tagged Belladonna's personality early on.  He labeled her as "an Encourager".  Later events proved that he hit the nail on the head.

It is a bit cliche, but there is a place for an "Encourager" or a "Good Cop" in every group.  Weight rooms tend to be testosterone laden and can tip toward the negative and hypercompetitive.  We are doing what we can to support Bella be her truest, best self.  She needs to remain true to her personality and I cannot imagine a better counterbalance to negative energy.

I plan to send her back to school well practiced in making cheese cakes.  Cheese cakes are verboten for mere mortals...but 350 pound, muscular young men can eat things that are now forbidden to me. 

No, this is not a picture of me.  This is Scott and he just finished chainsawing five face cords of fire wood by 10 AM.  He is celebrating with a Gurkha Beast.
I also plan to send her back with five Gurkha Beast cigars.  A few of her weight room buddies enjoy the most manly of vices; cigars.  What better way to celebrate a Personal Record than with a big cigar.  Note to Nik if you read this...I need recommendations on celebratory cigars.

I think she is going to fit in just fine.  And it does not hurt that she can lift Donald Trump and 20% of Bernie Sanders at the same time.


  1. I am back. I am sorry that I don't get here too often, but I have been busy with my job as a maint. man in a trailer park picking up as I have been replacing pipes in older trailers like crazy, and clearing snow and the like, and when I get home, trying to get caught up on family things as well. I try to stop in when I can, but time has been a little short lately.
    I have written for The Zelman Partisans a couple of times still, with one scheduled I think for next week, which I give you a lot of credit for the encouragement and positive feedback for.
    I also wanted to give you a shoutout to your daughter going to GVSU. My good friend from high school, and former quarterback to my center, is the principle at the school in Allendale. Small world, and it is a great community there. Also, my twin brother went there for a short time.
    I also am an occasional cigar smoker, however, I have not done so since last April. No real reason, I just haven't. Have I quit? I don't know, maybe, unless I smoke another one, but not unless the weather gets warmer it won't happen. I only do so outside, and I only stay outside for any length of time if I have to for work.
    I just was checking in to let you know that your blog is still on my list and that it is still relevant. Good luck with your family, and stay safe.