Tuesday, March 8, 2016

Found a Rock Elm today!

It looked just like fifty Bur Oak that I had already checked out in the hopes they were a Rock Elm.  The bark on the trunk looked just a little bit "elmier" than the oak.  Still, my hopes were pretty low as I walked up to it.

This tree shouts "Bur Oak".
And that is definitely an Elm twig.
And that is an Elm leaf.
It is about 20 feet east of Michigan Highway 50.  GPS coordinates 42.580838, -84.835881 
Ironically, this tree is about a quarter mile east of the Eaton County Conservation District office.  I had just left the Conservation District Office after ordering 25 Quaking Aspen and 10 Speckled Alder for a guerrilla gardening project.

From Google Street view.  Yup, still looks like an elm tree.
I took a few scion and will try to find some Siberian Elm to graft them onto.  I will  go back in late May and look for seeds.


  1. Good find!

    It is always a rush to find something in plain sight after a long hunt. I am still seeing English Oaks in places I looked at many times.

  2. Yeah, That's Ulmus thomasii! Way to go! They'll start to look different from a distance compared to other corkies like Bur Oak (Sweetgum, etc.) once you see a few specimens :-)