Tuesday, March 8, 2016

Orwell was a prophet

"Independent" suggests freedom from outside influence or patronage.

In modern usage it has been flipped around 180 degrees.  Now, "Independent" means one is "kept" like one of Pharaoh's concubines.

"Liberals" in Israel are protesting, not because their speech is being censured, but because their whackadoodle art is not being subsidized.  They are not being paid a stipend sufficient to support them in the manner in which they wish to become accustomed.

Culture Minister Miri Regev responds to the protesters with empathy and compassion:  "Cut the bullshit."

No, I am not trying to be funny.  Regev has empathy and compassion for the poor azzhat who is being taxed to pay those self-absorbed Liberals, and then pilloried by those same Liberals because the azzhat is bound by a sense of duty to do what must be done.

I always considered myself independent.  I went to my job, worked my 45-to-65 hours a week.  Then, on my off time I used my own funds to promote what I thought was important.  And yes, I resented the public funding of "artists" who attempted to desecrate sacred images by sculpting them in feces.

True artists will self-finance.

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