Wednesday, March 9, 2016

Betting on ponies

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"Waz" loved betting on the ponies.  He asked to cut the meeting short because he wanted to catch the day's horse races.

I had driven 97 miles to be at the meeting and blowing out of work before noon was slacking, even by big-city standards.  I asked him why today was so much more important that any other day?

He told me, "It is the last day of the racing season.  All of the owners who have not won a race all season are going to win so they can pay their stable bills.  Its the chumps turn to win."

"So you are telling me," I responded, "that the races are 'fixed'?"

He looked at me with disbelief.  "Hell ya!  You mean you have not figured that out yet?  They are all fixed.  The last day of the season is when the losers have a chance to pick up enough dollars to keep going for another year."

"Waz" was excited because he thought he had finally figured out a sure way to follow "the smart money."

Big City People

People from the big-city seem to have a different outlook on life.  Many of them really believe that every game is fixed.  All you have to do to be successful is to get in tight with the fixers and do what they do.

I understand the appeal of that approach.  Brown nosing is much less work that diligently working.  Yes, I know.  Not every person who works diligently wins a blue ribbon, but that is the way to bet.

Bernie Sanders took Michigan

You can hear it in Hillary Clinton's voice.  "Stand-down, Sanders!  It is the last day of the season.  It is my turn to win.  I have bills to pay."

That is what she does.  She tells people to "Stand-down!"

Bernie is not so good at listening to immoral orders.  He is ignoring her.

It will be interesting to see if the game really is fixed.  Maybe those big-city boys were right.


  1. It looks like bernie won Michigan, too, doesn't it. Is Michigan a Winner Take All state?

    1. Bernie got 65 delegates. Hillary got 58.

      On the Republican side, Trump got 25 while Cruz and Kasich both picked up 17. Rubio got zero.