Sunday, September 8, 2019

The downside of Sustainable Agriculture

The downside of Sustainable Agriculture is when it morphs from a concept into a trademark.

Sustainable Agriculture, an a legion of other worth concepts, will inevitably devolve into a licensing organization. Growers who want to label their products as "sustainable" will be forced to pay fees to an organization which will send out inspectors.

If the farmer petitioning the organization pisses off the inspector, there is not a snowball's chance in hell of them getting the certification or use of the trademark.

If the producer deduces what floats the inspector's boat and hires that person to be their point-of-contact then they do get the certification.

Guess who can afford to hire one person whose sole job is to blow smoke up the inspectors' trousers?  Nope, not the producer with 1000 acres.

Sustainable Agriculture became a brand. It is defended like a brand. It is merchandized like a brand. It hires a boat load of MBAs and buys advertising to support the brand. The prime directive is to ensure payola to the directors and continuance of the brand.

The American consumer is highly distracted. They want to see an icon on the package that informs them that not only is the product the BEST but that it is socially responsible.

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