Sunday, September 1, 2019

The Cheerio trick for reloading

I forgot to put a Cheerio in one of my reloads.
I failed to load the Cheerio beneath the shot to increase the column height of the components on the middle hull. Obviously, carrying that in my pocket would result in shot shaking out. The two flanking hulls were identical in every other way except for they had the Cheerio.
The Cheerio trick works great. I can hear the cereal piece crushing as I crimp the hull.

I am up to eleven or twelve red squirrels harvested from the black walnuts west of the driveway. Google maps suggests that it is 170 feet-by-170 feet or 2/3 of an acre.

The amount of meat on a red squirrel hardly justifies the use of a shotgun shell.

The amount of nuts, especially the northern pecans growing beside the driveway, that the squirrels will strip from the trees definitely justifies the use of a shotgun shell. Shooting of these squirrels is not "hunting", it is pest-control.

Gresham's Law applies to squirrels. Bad squirrels (red squirrels) drive good squirrels (fox squirrels) out.

The ounce of #7 still does a dandy job on the squirrels. It also knocks a bunch of small twigs and branches off the trees, making it hard to follow the trajectory of the corpse as it pinwheels to the ground.


  1. I find that a pellet out of an airgun at +/= 1000 FPS does a great job out to 35 or 40 yards.

    Cheaper, too.

  2. .22 is a good cheap squirrel getter. I run decent ammo and get head shots at 50 yards and longer. Cheap bulk ammo from Wal-Mart doesn't have the consistency for those shots out of my lever action.


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