Wednesday, September 11, 2019

Public pooping

I had a thought while walking my parent's dog.

Cities with issues regarding defecation in public spaces would clean right up if public pooping were regarded as assault and citizens were encouraged to pepper-spray the perp's nether regions.

Cities throw up their hands in resignation because it is too expensive to process the countless perps.  Pepper-spray is cheap. Pepper-spray is immediate. Peppet-spray is memorable...a significan't emotional event. And even the most emotionally distressed can process the message.


  1. While I agree wholeheartedly, I'm just going to hazard a guess that getting this proposal to fly past the San Francisco Board of Supervisors might be some tough sledding. Interestingly enough, out here in the mountains, incidents of public pooping are thus far unheard of.

  2. Dave S in the mountains- if you are in the mountains you can step out into the brush like any self respecting bear and not burden society!

  3. "getting this proposal to fly???"

    What proposal? Joe's idea is perfect for individuals, caught in a sh*tty state. Buy some pepper spray, have it handy, and "light up" the next derelict on the street that has no sense of decency.

    One caveat for those individuals...Never speak a word of what you have done to anyone. NEVER.


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