Thursday, September 26, 2019

Changing this to that

God willing, I will get 32 37 to seal.


  1. I had the best year ever with my peach tree, a little more than half a bushel. Last year was one peach. My wife and I decided to make peach wine with them. I'll let you know how that works out. We have very difficult conditions in the spring for peaches. Our plumbs on three trees were plentiful but very small this year. These are all trees that were planted 5 years ago and are just coming into production age. I wish I had started doing this a couple decades ago, I truly enjoy the fruits of this labor/hobby.

    1. The two best times to plant a tree are now and twenty-years ago.

      I am curious, do you remember the names of the plums? I am considering planting BlueByrd and Seneca but have not made any firm decisions.

      If memory serves, you live in Maine, home of Fedco Trees ( They are a co-op and specialize in varieties that do well in cold, humid climates like upper New England and Michigan's Upper Peninsula.

      Congratulations on the peaches!!!

    2. I had to go find the tags that came on the trees, I saved them in my tool shed/ man cave. They are indeed Fedco products. Two of the plum trees are American Plum seedlings, pollinator for hybrid plums, 301A.
      The peach and one other plum tree are unknown as they were gifts to me.
      I'm also quite impressed with their John Viola grapes, 363A. These have been harvested today and are destined for wine making. The Worden grape, 371A hasn't put on as much growth as the Viola's and isn't ready yet but is a very sweet red grape. Those will be turned into jelly.
      Another product of theirs I'm impressed with is Adams No 1 Elderberry (Sambucus canadenis) 525A. Once again the wild birds, chickens, and ducks got all the elderberry's but next year I'll fence them off! These plants are putting on tremendous growth each year and are taking over their corner of the plot.
      Your memory serves you well, I'm located in Buckfield, Maine.


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