Sunday, September 22, 2019

A day of rest

I added some information stickers to my Lee Load-All rigs for reloading shotshells. This is the 12 gauge setup. It gives me information to double-check to ensure safe reloading, that is, the powder bushing size (155) and the shot bushing size (1-1/8 oz). It lists the powder it is setup for and the measured weight of the charge dropped.

The sticker on the 20 gauge rig. Murphy is an optimist. Putting the information on the reloader means I don't have to rely on memory or generic

Someday I want to watch De Zaak Alzheimer, a movie about an aging French hitman who implements many coping skills to negate the effects his disability has on the execution of his chosen profession.

I also bit the bullet and bought another twenty pound LP cylinder. I suspect that somebody thought they needed my old one more than I needed it.  I like using the turkey cooking setup outside when making applesauce. It helps keep the house cool.


  1. Propane is a fuel that does not deteriorate as it ages.

    I buy bottles when there is money available and a deal surfaces.

    My shed is up to 5 hundred pound bottles, 3 thirty pounders and 8 20 pounders.

    Keep the bottles painted so condensation does mot cause rust and they will last indefinitely.

    Gasoline generators can be modified to run on lpg.

    My house furnace dryer water heater and range are all propane...

    Its prudent to be prepared.

  2. Joe,
    This season we (I)started doing our canning outdoors, using the turkey fryer. The benefits are immense- cooler house, easier cleanup, and waaay better scenery.

    Wifey is still resistent to change, however; so the applesauce was made in the kitchen. And the A/C was running full blast to make up for it. The kitchen was a sauna.

    An outdoor kitchen is more efficient, lower cost and pleasing to the soul, especially on our day of rest.


  3. Yours was the most polite way of saying "some scumbag douche canoe crackhead stole my stuff" I've ever heard.


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