Thursday, July 16, 2015

Roger's Zero Turn (mower)

As noted earlier, Roger had been in assisted living for about 18 months.  His health had been on a downward slide for about six months before that.

Much to my surprise, Roger came home last week.  Due to issues that I will not discuss, Roger's mobility is severely impaired.  He had aged.

He lost 15 years as he sat on his Zero turn and fired it up.

After a half hour, Alice (his wife) chased him down.  He was not ready to come in.

After an hour Alice brought him a bottle of water from the house.  He was not ready to come in.

After 90 minutes, Alice chased him down and they talked.  I don't know if Roger could not see her or if he just wanted to keep mowing.  It took Alice a while to flag him down.  She was not much faster than the Zero turn even when she was making her best speed (she was wearing bunny slippers).

After two hours, Alice stood at the end of the row and waited for Roger to notice her.  It was almost like a high school dance, except they are both in their mid-70s.  She was muttering something about "men".

Then she gave up.  Roger had a problem with his mower at the three hour mark.  He called her on his cell phone.  She sent one of the nieces out with the truck to collect him.

It took both the niece and me to load him in the cab.

He was still smiling.  I think he is very happy to be home.


  1. That's good news that he's home...

    1. Yes! It is great news that Roger is home. I understand Alice being concerned about his well being. I was deeply touched by Alice's concern paired with her inability to understand the guy-imperative to get stuff done.

      As a side note, the condition that impacted his mobility also affected his eyesight. On top of that, he was wearing "ballistic protection" eye wear.

      I know that I was keeping a close eye on him when he was mowing near me.

  2. That's good news that he's home...


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