Sunday, July 19, 2015

Magazine subscriptions

Wild Willie has been Kubota's stalwart friend.  WW moves around a lot.  In the last couple of years he lived in Charlotte (11 miles away), Lansing (17 miles away), Waverly (15 miles away), Laingsburg (40 miles away) back to Eaton Rapids and now in Charlotte (11 miles away).  And they remained friends.

WW just had his sixteenth birthday and I was surprised to learn that he never had a magazine subscription.  Ever.  In his life.

I figured that would be easy to fix.

We went to the local Wally-World last week and he gravitated to the magazines on modern firearms.  I was a little bit dismayed as there were not very many selections.  I told Wild Willie that we were going to hold off and check out the selection at a real bookstore (aka, Barnes and Noble).

Today we went to Barnes and Noble and he changed genres.  He picked out a magazine called "Empire".  Unfortunately, a subscription costs $174/year.

So, gentle readers, I need some advice.  I think we are back to the modern firearm genre.  Can you recommend a solid, meat-and-potatoes publication that will not lead this young man astray?

Perhaps something that has a section on builds in the $700-$900 range without too much non-value-added, foo-foo gingerbread.  Wild Willie cuts grass and $800 is within dreaming range.

Opinions and other options/suggestions will be much appreciated.  I am willing to pay fifty bucks for a one year subscription.  The only caveat is that Willie is living with his Grandma and any magazine must meet with her approval or it won't make it into her no T-N-A, please.


  1. I would say Guns and Ammo, I know I grew up on it, and the Shotgun News...

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  3. What about an NRA membership? It comes with a magazine.


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