Friday, July 10, 2015


As noted earlier, Eaton Rapids, Michigan has been blessed with more-than-ample rain this past June.  So far we are about one inch ahead for July.

That has been a mixed blessing.

Standing water and stunted (yellow) corn in a corn field.

Radishes.  The farmer did not even bother to harvest.  The all died.  This is on a "muck" field.  Muck is peat that is on its way to becoming coal.  It is light.  It blows in the wind.  It oxidizes.  Once drained, the level of the field drops, necessitating ever more aggressive drainage. Sod farmers are allowed to depreciate one inch a year on their taxes. 

This guy gives free acrobatics demonstrations.  He/She has balls of brass.

Onions, also on muck.  Muck grows darned good vegetables.

Even dog runs are soupy.  Old Zeus does not look very happy.


  1. We had the wettest June I can remember as well. Lots of farmers hurting right now. The spring was wet and some of those guys weren't able to get into the fields.

  2. Absurdly wet here too. If we weren't trying to make hay I don't think we would mind so much, because there are nice days in between and they are very nice. However....


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