Friday, July 31, 2015

Planting persimmons and Friday menu

Planting persimmons

I have a seven gallon nursery container that I used to start persimmon seeds this year.  The seeds are from my best persimmon seedling.  One of the pollinators that is close is a branch of Szukis, a pollen parent noted for producing outstanding quality seedlings.

Persimmon seeds are slow germinaters.  They were bypassed in the rush of spring planting because nothing had popped up.

Persimmon seedlings are soaking so I can tease the roots apart.

They are a little bit crowded in that pot.  I wonder how many are in there.
This is where I had planted carrots almost a month ago.  I was not getting very good germination.  So I repurposed this row for tree seedlings.

The seedlings were teased out of the rootball.  The seedlings were laid in the ditch and then the dirt was scraped back over the roots with a hoe.
Persimmons are members of the Ebony family.  The heartwood used to be used for the heads of golf clubs.  Persimmon roots are black as night and they look dead, even when they are vibrantly alive.
There were ninety seedlings in that pot by my count.  Here they are in the row, watered in.  They will sulk for a while but I expect most of them to make it.

Friday Menu

We take dinner to my parents on Fridays.  Mom cannot tolerate cheese or mushrooms.  Dad struggles with sodium, spicy foods and fatty foods.  Finding foods that are nutritious, appealing and honors their restrictions can be a challenge.  I suspect that a few of my readers may also cook for people with similar restrictions.  I am posting the food we are taking to Mom and Dad as thought starter for those readers.

Note:  I have a summer cold and will not be dropping off the food. 

Main course:  Breakfast burritos made with eggs, onion, red and orange peppers.  Dad can add cheese if he wants.

Freshly baked dinner rolls. Honey.
Chopped veges before V8 was added.

Gazpacho made with Vidalia onions, red, orange and yellow peppers, de-seed cucumbers, ripe tomatoes, basil, low-sodium V8 juice and a squirt of lime juice and a moment of silence for the olive oil.

Cherry tomatoes from the garden.

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