Saturday, December 14, 2013

Snowy Saturday

Belladonna is in Coldwater, Michigan watching "her guys" wrestle.  Eaton Rapids has some excellent wrestlers.

I am very proud of her.  She gave blood yesterday for the first time ever.  She gave me a call yesterday.  Apparently I had not dated the permission form.  I was honored to be able to pop into the high school and finish the paper work.  Hat tip to Eaton Rapids School District for hosting Blood Drives.

Kubota is watching an animated show called Regular Show.  Mrs ERJ assumed that Mordecai and Rigby were middle school kids based on their behaviors.  I just checked on Wikipedia and they are, presumably, twenty-three years old. 

Mrs ERJ is cleaning up stairs in preparation for Christmass.

I started cleaning the downstairs bedroom as our oldest daughter will be visiting for a week from Louisiana.  I hope she does not mind sharing it with reloading supplies.

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