Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Digital vs Analog

The native "operating system" for human beings is analog.  We can process information digitally but it is slower because it is a non-native process.  Stress degrades our digital processing more than the analog processes because digital demands higher cognitive overhead and stress diminishes that capability.

Fast and low error = analog

More precision (sometimes) = digital

Graphic is good.  Load on left is 9 single-ought in front of 25 grains of Unique.  Load on right is 1.125 oz of #6 shot in front of 25 grains of Unique.

If you have been following this blog you know that I started reloading a lighter recoiling load of #6 shot for Belladonna and Kubota.  While it is a fine rabbit load, the rabbit graphic is already spoken for.

I asked both Belladonna and Kubota for suggestions regarding an alternative graphic.

Their suggestion was unanimous, quickly arrived at and emphatic.

They both hate "barn" cats, polebarn pumas, tomcats.
I did not argue with the customer.


  1. Unique is the most versatile powder I've ever used. Shotgun, handgun, rifle, Unique does it all. If you give me time to consult my manuals, I can find a Unique load for just about everything. It may not be the best performing load, but it will expel a projectile at lethal velocities.

    1. I am also a big fan of Unique.

      Alliant does not list any 7/8 oz 12 gauge loads with Unique. I just needed a faster burning powder. While I am sure I could dial in a load using my chrony, the pressures might be so low that I would get erratic burn and varying velocities.

      The one other time I chose a different powder was when I was loading Double Ended Wad Cutters for the .38 Special. *My* reloader was not repeatable at the very low charge weights with Unique. I could not get it to throw the required weight. For that application I switched to Titegroup (3.2gr) and never looked back. One pound of Titegroup is enough for about 2200 rounds so I am probably set for life.


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