Saturday, December 28, 2013

Rabbit hunting and Cooking Venison


Kubota was full of beans this afternoon.  I decided we needed to walk around.

We saw 6 rabbits.  We fired 3 shots and ended up with one rabbit (which he shot) in the bag.  He busted brush for about a half a mile and was in a much better space when we got back to the hacienda.

Not a bad way to spend a half hour.

Dang, we have a lot of rabbits around here.


Miss Cajun (nickname chosen by oldest daughter....was not fond of Miss Torquemada) is flash frying up some thinly sliced venison.  She sauteed some onions and will likely drench them in a mushroom gravy and serve over egg-noodles.

(Updated 25 minutes later:  She served me a bowl of venison stroganoff with a side of egg nog and whiskey. That is what happens when you leave 23 year old girls unsupervised in the kitchen.  God Bless Adult Daughters!)

She is renting a room in a house owned by a professional chef.  She asked if she can pack some frozen venison back to Baton Rouge in her checked luggage.  I don't see any problem with that...unless the airline loses her luggage. 

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