Monday, December 23, 2013


We live just beyond where the pavement ends.  Consequently, we get more than our fair share of "drop offs";  pets that owners wish to be rid of.

These animals are pathetic.  Their lord and master took them for a final ride.  Pushed them out the door.

Their eyes and body language radiate hope at the sound of every vehicle...even though they know by the sound that this car or truck is not "the one".  They track your car as it comes over the hill with their eyes and ears.  They run after your car as it passes.  You can judge how long they have been abandoned by how far they chase the car.

Perhaps the dad (this task is usually scraped off on the senior, male family member) tells the kids that Fido was dropped of at a farm.  It paints a pleasant, bucolic picture of Fido frolicking in the clover, chasing butterflies and playful dairy cows.  The dad may even convince himself that is where Fido ended up.

But they know better.  They drop off the dog (or cat) in the valley between the two hills because it is neat and tidy.  It is not near a house or a farm.  It is out of sight.  It is as far as you can go and stay on the pavement.  No need to get the car dirty.

Today's farmer has all of the dogs he/she wants.  And the farmer, even less than a city dweller, cannot afford an ill-bred, ill-trained brute that will bite hapless pedestrians, mailmen and other delivery people.  The farmer has too much to lose.  The city dweller might see his insurance go up or, worst case, lose some equity in his house.  The farmer loses his livelihood.

It would have been kinder to take the animal to the vet to be put down.  Or, if you cannot afford the $ can come out here and dig the hole for your "problem".  I will tell you where the hole needs to be dug.  Tie the leash to a nearby tree.  I can handle it from there.

Just don't bring me your tires, couches and old issues of Penthouse and Kiddy Porn. Those also show up in the valley.  One of these days you will get lazy and forget to tear the address labels off the magazines.  You will get a "Return to Sender" care package the day that happens.

And I might even gift you with a drop-off.

DHS Spaniel.  It does not have papers, but trust me.  It has been vetted by the highest levels of the US Government.

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