Wednesday, December 18, 2013

A Promise Kept

I survived 80 minutes of volunteer service at one of our local schools.

These were very young children.  They reminded me of the baby chicks that Tractor Supply Company sells in the spring.  They mostly clumped together.  Every once in a while one or two would jet out from the pack five paces or so.  They would stop short, in if to ask, how did I get here?

I satisfied my need for mischief by telling my little darlings to go to the very bottom line of the last page and circle the word "Baseline".  The bottom line read "Baseline Phonemic Awareness Assessment; Rev 6.3.1"  I told them it was "Extra Credit".

Do you want to be popular?

There is shortage of volunteers, which mystifies me.  Employment numbers stink.  There should be no shortage of people capable of stepping in and doing this work.  It fills a hole in a resume which can be the difference that gets you a job.

The teacher I was assisting suggested that being unemployed is debilitating.  For lack of a gender-free word, it is emasculating.

Having all of the women (most elementary teachers in this building are women) clamor for my attention is a novel sensation.

I frequently pray The Lord's Prayer.  One line reads, "...and lead us not into temptation..."

God blessed me richly in this regard.  He blessed me with a face that functions as a temptation deflecting force-field..  Opportunities where temptation was crashing at my gate....well, pretty much never happened.  And God continues to heap blessings on me with each passing day.  So, like I said, women asking for my attention is a novel sensation.

Incidentally, Mrs Judy Sharpe is a teacher at the Middle School and she coordinates the Winter Outdoor Camp for the 7th graders.  She is desperately in need of 5 more MEN to be cabin dads.  It is nominally a week long commitment.  I was a cabin dad for two of my kids.  Ironically, it was for my daughters (a shortage of dads is a chronic issue).

Mrs Sharpe can be reached at (517) hyphen 663 hyphen 7484.

It gave me a good look at the boys who would be asking my daughter out in a few years.  I took a frisbee and a Nerf football to keep the young pups entertained when we had to wait.  Those few trifles were enough to make me a Rock Star.

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