Wednesday, May 22, 2024

WOKE groomers targeting preschoolers in videos?

Part of my morning routine is to watch a half-hour of educational kiddy video with Quicksilver when she first arrives.

Unfortunately, LGBT content seems to be seeping into most of them.

For example, Miss Rachel who has a low-budget, high-content channel on Youtube has a frequent contributor who has they/them pronouns. Another character is "Mr Blippi"

They/them looking angry and giving the kiddies a wonderful view of her boxer shorts and her...well, never mind.


Mr Blippli and innuendo (pun intended)

Apparently, Ms Rachel was stunned when parents were unhappy with the casual inclusion and the risque way they were allowed to present. I guess that is one of the risks of living in the NYC bubble.

Cocomelon is a Netflix production and it is wallpapered with rainbows. It is almost as if LGBT people don't believe in God but want to keep reminding Him to not destroy the world again like He did in the time of Noah.

Cocomelon's producers generated push-back when they had a family with two "daddies" and a cross-dressing boy.

You know, it would be pretty easy for Ms Rachel to include just a little bit more information in the titles and she could have her cake and eat it too. She could write "Ms Rachel goes to the Aquarium featuring They/Them" for the WOKE version. The dozens and dozens of gay parents who seek that kind of validation will click on that title. The same collection of skits, less They/Them can be put on the channel with the title "Ms Rachel goes to the Aquarium". Better yet, include a green border around the "straight" version and a pink border around the WOKE version.

Another approach would be to split the channel into two separate channels: Traditional content and With WOKE content.

Informed choices are good.


  1. My kiddos are steeped in this alt option:

    They loved all of the books they have been exposed to so far.

  2. He idea is to expose as many kids as possible...hoping that most parents won't notice (or care) what heir kids are watching. It worked for years in schools, why not in this venue?

  3. That would mean the parents would know ahead of time... Can't have that!

  4. My opinion is worth every penny you paid for it but nothing good comes off a screen nowadays. Even as an adult, it is difficult to turn from the mesmerization of entertainment on demand. How much harder for children. If I could change anything from my parenting days, it would be to reduce reduce reduce screen time.

  5. To Micro22's point, I almost assume at this point that such content will be in almost anything. At least with You Tubers, there is a more direct connection in that they have to be more responsive to a loss of viewers - not so much NetFlix.


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