Tuesday, May 28, 2024

Fine Art Tuesday

Barbecue Guns

"Barbecue Guns" are a genre of fine art that is common in Texas and in states near Texas.

A typical Barbecue Gun is a firearm based on older technologies that often have nostalgic connotations. Single-action revolvers and 1911 Colts are common but not mandatory. In fifty years we will probably see Glocks and other "modern-utility" guns showing up on the hips of grandpas barbecuing grasshoppers and crickets.

Most people would not be able to carry this one on their hip, but I have seen some people....


The connection between ornamentation and older-technology firearms is not unique to Texas or to handguns.


Just because they are old and "pretty" doesn't mean they are no longer capable of putting the hurt on somebody who needs that kind of attention.


  1. A Glock MAYBE if they ever manufacture one that has a shiny finish. Most Bar-B-Que guns I've seen match your description but more often blued with fine grips (white ivory looks great on a blued firearm - pearl is very gaudy !) and with tasteful engraving.

    I guess that is my idea of a bar-b-que gun. And no - I don't own one, too poor !

  2. Blessed are the Peacemakers. . .

  3. These remind me of classic English shotguns - these usually had magnificent chasing and embellishments, elevating them from a mere firearm to a work of art.

  4. The Brits and Germans started it with the long guns. Cole Agee took it to the final step with the cattle brand engraving on Colt SAAs. Of note, he ONLY did the cattle brands on SAAs never on 1911s. https://www.rockislandauction.com/detail/62/185/elaborate-documented-matched-pair-of-cole-agee-cattle-brand-engr

  5. I had an accidental BBQ gun. I got took on a Blackhawk/Colt Trooper, 1st gen swap. The nickle Colt had two bad cylinders, can't tell until the cases stick. Also had an eff'd up front sight. Made small groups with Python trigger lockworks. After a looooong internet search, I found a blued Trooper cylinder/crane assy, $150. On Armslist I found a blued' 4" Python barrel, $125. Had a pro swap parts, and it's a blingy Trithon, a"poor mans Python". I didn't know that was "a thing", apparently there's a cult following on Trithons. Still shot super. a buddy talked me out of it for too much money, I still get to shoot it.
    A little history: The model: Colt 357 Magnum, was the pre Trooper, premium Colt 357 revolver. The Python got a full under lugged, vent ribbed barrel and slight resculpturing on the top of the frame. The first gen Trooper's and pre Troopers had silky smooth Python grade triggers.


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