Thursday, May 23, 2024

News flash: I am not the only dumbbell on the property


It weighs somewhere between 200 and 210 pounds. Enough weight that I have to mind my Ps-and-Qs when deadlifting but light enough that I can knock-out sets of six repetitions.

My muscles are sore this morning.

Caitlin Clarke

Caitlin Clarke is  professional basketball player in the Women's NBA. The league's  viewership and revenues went up when she started playing. That means that teams have more revenue and can raise the pay of all players, 70% of whom are black.

Race-hustlers are angry about this situation because Miss Clarke is white, even though 70% of the people who will benefit are black.

Perhaps their anger is misplaced. Maybe they are angry because their divisive strategy has only resulted in businesses fleeing cities and causing poverty among black people. They should be angry at themselves but admitting you are wrong doesn't seem to be something they are good at. Perhaps because they would have to get a real job and be accountable.


  1. If you can lift six - seven successive lits over your head with those bad boys, I think you have a lot of strength issues covered.

    Why is it a square bale of hay is so much harder to lift than a barbell of same weight ? Or lifting a child about that same weight just feels more 'gravitational pull downward' ? Weird how that works, but I'm not a 'science guy person' who knows that sort of knowledge.

    1. Not a scientist, either, but my guess is that it has to do with where the item’s center of gravity is relative to the lifter’s center of gravity and the kind of grip one can get. A barbell can be placed right under the hips and shoulders of the lifter, allowing the lifter to pull the bar straight up and down, whereas something like a bale of hay sits farther away from the lifter’s body. It’s also easier and takes less effort overall to grip a bar than it does to establish a good grip on a piece of string or the corners of an object.

  2. They are also complaining that Miss Clark is straight.

  3. Be careful lifting Joe. You are getting to the age where muscles are stronger than the tendons that hold them on. Trust me: I have found out the hard and painful way a few times. And it never gets all better when you tear or partially tear one off. ---ken

    1. Roger. WIlco.

      I am going slowly. I lift slow. I don't jerk.

      This is my "maintenance" weight.

      Tendons also increase in strength with exercise although they gain strength much more slowly than muscle. Probably because they are not well supplied by blood compared to muscles.

      If you can believe the literature, they increase in diameter and the new growth is added to the outside.

    2. +1 Tore the biceps tendon off the bone trying to lift a stuck steel plate. Surgery put me on limited duty for about 8 weeks. Surgeon pissed me off when he said it happens to weightlifters and old men and I didn't look like a weightlifter.

    3. If I remember correctly, you are the primary caretaker for an adult with MS and you ARE a weightlifter because sometimes "care" involves lifting that adult off of the floor.

      You cannot tell by looking.

      Gerry, you are a hero!!! I hope the injury didn't interfere too much with your other responsibilities.

  4. This isn't complicated. The angry people are idiots.

  5. Clarke is also not an LGBTQ+ enjoyer, so, a double double.


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