Monday, April 2, 2018

Sticking grape cuttings

An old tub

With a cracked bottom

I knocked out a chunk to enhance the drainage

I put it on sticks so the ground would not suck the heat out of the mix.  I am looking for a chunk of foam sheeting to stick beneath the tub.
I also put some old, grass hay into the bottom to enhance drainage.  The tub is on the south side of a barn so it will be warmed by the reflector oven effect.

Topped off with a potting mix.  Nothing scientific; just the ends of bags that I had sitting around.

A bundle of cuttings.  The canes were cut bottom ends of the cuttings had a node about an inch (25mm) above the cut end.

The tops were dipped in a 50:50 mix of coconut oil/Crisco to seal them and reduce drying.
51 cuttings.  I should be able to ignore them until mid-May when I will transplant the best cuttings into the vineyard and the remainder into a nursery row somewhere.

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